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January 02, 2006

A little about Kenny...

I got my first guitar for Christmas at age 11... I really wanted drums, but my parents thought that would be way to loud and opted for the guitar, I guess that turned out to be a good thing. Early on I did not know many songs. I only knew some chords that my sisters boyfriend had shown me. So I started making up songs right away. I was heavily influenced by 70's rock for the first 4 years of playing. I was then lucky enough to attend the Arts Magnet High School at Booker T Washington in Dallas. There I was exposed to many different kinds of music. Jazz, classical, improvisation, fusion, minimalist, electronic, latin, reggae, not to mention all the crazy music other students were listening to. I also learned a great deal from playing music with our large group of friends known as "Munchers". We would jam any time, any place we could, the school mens shower room, drag a piano outside to the smoking section (it was the 80's) or just show up at someone's party, invited or not, with instruments and start playing. Many "Munch Puppies" have gone on to do great things. Alan Emert and Dany O'brien (Brave Combo), Aaron Commas (Spin Doctors), Robin "Texas Slim" Sullivan, Reed Easterwood, Tom Lilly, Darrell "Thumper" Phillips (Sister Seven), and my brothers, Brandon Aly, Brad Houser, John Bush of New Bohemians.

So, it was an odd mix of many different things that led up to New Bohemians for me...jazz, 80's new wave, King Crimson, the Police, the Specials, Miles Davis, Andreas Vollenweider, the Dead, B L Lacerta, Munchers, Arts Magnet... But once in the band, writing songs with Edie changed my playing forever. Suddenly I had a way to channel all these ideas and influences into song form. Edie can sing to most anything, she's wide open yet simple. She is wonderful with words, and an amazing improviser.

While I will always consider New Bohemians my home. I have played with many other groups...
Cottonmouth Texas, Everlast, Billy Goat, LARRY, Cosmic Chimp, Poor Devils, Tannish Clay,
Coach Im Queer, Munch Puppies, the Knobs...

These days I'm also playing with the neo classical improv group B L Lacerta, as well as the electronic, programatic, trance, freak out band TIDBITS.

I also just finished producing a record for the Texas singer Rod Russell-Ides that will be out sometime next year. I look forward to touring with him as well.